Co-Parenting Classes

Effective co-parenting involves a recognition of the negative impact parental conflict has on child functioning. Healthy co-parenting requires the use of a number of skills that promote emotional health, competence, and resilience in children. Co-parents who consistently use calm, child-centered language, engage in perspective taking even when frustrated, work at thinking flexibly, and practice positive parenting and behavior control skills tend to promote better long-term adjustment in children.

The Parents Together for Children (PTC) Program is a 12 hour, research informed skills building class for separated, divorcing, and never married parents. The PTC program was developed by Albert Gibbs, PhD and is an award winning, solution-focused program that teaches parents how to raise concerns with one another without provoking alarm, demanding behavior, criticism, blaming, insults, or instigating defensive responding. The PTC program additionally helps parents jointly consider specific solutions to challenges faced by their children. Classes assist parents in remaining present while engaging in problem-solving discussions.

Classes are held virtually over the course of 6 weekly, two-hour sessions. The virtual sessions are hosted using a HIPAA compliant version of Zoom.

About PTC Classes

PTC is a skills-based co-parenting class designed to teach divorced, separated, and never married parents effective ways of reducing negative interactions known to be destructive for children’s emotional health and sense of well-being. The goals of PTC are to improve both co-parent and parent-child communication as well as their problem-solving skills. Utilizing didactic, video, in-class coaching, and homework assignments, parents learn effective communication and cooperation strategies, as well as methods designed to help them mange intense and disruptive emotional states when communicating and interacting with one another.

Classes are offered online to residents of California, Georgia, Nevada, and Tennessee.  Enrollment and payment are required two weeks prior to the first class session.

Cost: $400 per parent 


Please Note: PTC is not counseling or psychotherapy