What Is Co-Parenting Counseling?

Separation and divorce exact tremendous tolls on parents as well as children. Familial disruptions frequently result in the loss of a secure base and can be traumatizing for children and adolescents.  As such, it is imperative for parents to work together to help ensure the safety and security children need to navigate the challenges inherent in disrupted family structures.  Children need and long for consistent emotional involvement from their caretakers. Negative patterns fueled by hurt, anger, hatred, resentment, competition, insecurity, and sometimes fear occasionally make it difficult for some parents to work together to help ensure that the best interests of their child(ren) remain a priority.

Parenting cooperatively is not always easy to do, even in intact families.  Research has found that effective coparenting can help offset  many of the negative effects of divorce and separation.  As such, co-parenting counseling provides separated and divorcing parents a safe place to articulate and work through their parenting concerns/differences, learn skills to facilitate collaboration, learn about the effects of divorce on them and their children, as well as develop new patterns of de-escalated interaction that prioritize their child's (ren's) best interests.